When Light is Like Water is as gripping as a memoir and as intimate as a poem. Molly McCloskey has written a novel that is both urgent and reflective, a tender and unsentimental exploration of love’s dark corners. It is brilliant: her finest book yet.’ – Anne Enright

‘Molly McCloskey's prose has such immense authority, precision and seriousness. This shimmering, beautiful, restless work will stir recognitions without seeming to try...’ – Joseph O'Connor

‘...absorbing, tense, and beautifully written. Molly McCloskey has written a wonderful novel.’ – Roddy Doyle

When Light Is Like Water will be read for many years to come for its wisdom and precision.’ – Edmund White

‘A powerful and deeply affecting novel ... writing that sparkles with intelligence and insight’ – Mary Costello

‘McCloskey writes with such care and craft... When Light is Like Water is fresh and raw and completely entrancing.’ – Sara Baume

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When Light is Like Water will be published in the UK and Ireland by Penguin in April, 2017, and in the US by Scribner in 2018, under the title Straying.