‘Every once in a while, a writer's voice hits such a clear note, the resulting book has the kind of sweetness that makes you hold it in your hands a moment before finding a place for it on your shelves. Circles Around the Sun is this kind of book: it's a keeper.’ - Anne Enright, The Guardian (UK)

‘The knock-on effect that mental illness has on a family forms the candid subtext of this true-life story. Mike’s decline into psychotic isolation is gradual, poignantly tracked in a family album of snapshots. [McCloskey’s] prose is tender and sometimes dream-like, yet rigorously truthful.’ – Justine McCarthy, Sunday Times (UK)

‘...a brilliant, at times heartbreaking book ... an extraordinary accounting of singular sorrows and no uncertain triumphs.’Anthony Glavin, The Irish Times

Watch an interview with Molly McCloskey about the book from the PEN/Faulkner Reading Series


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